Hey ya'll, new member here saying hello

Hello new friends. My name is Jim and we are starting our second build. I am a 40+ year experienced professional carpenter, designer, craftsman and artisan. My partner Betsy and I are starting the conversion of our newly acquired 2017 Ford Transit 350 HD extended dually to be our part time home as we travel the country in our Last 25 doing projects. We look forward to interacting with you all with your experiences, thoughts and comments on our design and hopefully create the best van for us.

We will be documenting the build on our new You tube channel @the_last_25. Hopefully we will see you there.

Hey Jim! I’m a new member as well, with no experience on an actual build. This lifestyle interests me immensely. Despite renting out different brick-and-mortar housing situations, I find myself barely using them and constantly being out and about. I hope that the van life may be the correct direction. I find inspiration in your situation, as it seems to allow you to pursue all the projects that drive you!

All the best,