Hey, we are rideonthewildside!

Hey guys, we are new to the forum - hello from San Diego!

We are a 30 something German couple from Berlin that shipped their van to LA a couple of months ago. We are currently enjoying our last days in California before heading down to Mexico!

We’d love to meet some of you in person - you will find our big grey german MB 407 from 1981 parked in the streets of San Diego at the moment!

We are pretty active on Instagram (@rideonthewildside), so you can always drop us a line there!

Safe travels everybody!
Fabi & Jana


Welcome to the forum!

I love your ride! How long were you travelling in Europe for before you went over to America?


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@rideonthewildside I wish I could meet up with you, but I live on the wrong side of the US.

Just checked out your instagram, loving the content! :heart_eyes:

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Hi! Thanks so much - we do as well, most of the time! :slight_smile:
We did not travel Europe at all (so far), we went straight to the Americas - sort of always has been our dream! :slight_smile:


Oh that is a shame! Well maybe one day we will be over there! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Henry, appreciate your positive feedback! :slight_smile:


Are there any specific places on your bucket list?

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Sweet! Definitely giving your IG a follow! How long do you plan on being in Mexico?

Cheers for that follow :+1: Well, we already wanted to be in Mexico now but totally got stuck in California, so I assume that it will be similar over there giving us max. 6 months to stay there - lets see how it goes! :slight_smile:


How’d you get stuck in California?