Hey Van Lifers! We're new from NYC traveling with our two cats in a self built Ford Falcon!

Hi, we’re Julia & Ellison!

We have always dreamed of living a free and creative lifestyle and we knew Vanlife was the way to do it. When COVID hit, we thought to ourselves, “when will we ever have this much time on our hands again?!” That night, we searched around for hours and then we saw our dream van. That same night we rented a car and headed up to Vermont to go check it out. We put a deposit down and a week later we had done all the proper paperwork and Rosie was officially ours.

We’re so lucky to have friends who live up in Vermont and welcomed us with open arms and hearts into their lives. We stayed with them for 3 months while we converted our van into our Tiny Home on Wheels. At the very end of September we moved all of our stuff, our two cats, Yui & Chazzi, and ourselves into our 50 sq. ft. home.

As 2021 begins, we’re excited to start our adventure. We love hiking, exploring, designing, and photography. We cannot wait to continue living our lifestyle and documenting it all here!

Thank you so much for your support as we live out our dreams.

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel @ xroadventure

Our Instagram: @xroadventure

Check out our website also! xroadventure .com

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