Hey, Portuguese newbie here!



I’m Simão from Portugal, and in my trip to Romania this year i have an epiphany who drives me to be a van lifer.
So, while i don’t have a van to convert (I’m searching the best deals), in May I travel in my '98 Suzuki Baleno, like a van lifer, around Portugal.
I have a date to start a trip around Europe, but, while I’m in Portugal, if you are here, text me in IG (simaocunha_), and i’ll offer a beer! :wink:

All the best!


Sounds like a good plan. When do you plan on starting this trip?


I have write January 1st, 2020, but i’ll start early, so excitment is SOOOO AMAZING!


@simaocunha I’ll be travelling to Portugal in my van in September, you can catch me on Instagram @Tombelgeonne


Follow on the road :wink:
You’ll start on north or south?


I’ll be travelling from the UK so will most definitely be the North!


I just checked your Instagram and noticed the “@” in your bio is not a username. Just though i’d let you know


great ! :smiley: Portugal is on my bucketlist !, any places I can’t miss? :smiley:


Azores is a place a friend of mine recommended to me for when i go to Portugal


You can´t miss Gerês, go google it, no words describe it!


just checked it out
Beautiful place :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: