Hey I'm new here!


Introduce Yourself…

Hey, I’m Andrew. Been keen to start my own van project for a while now.

Slowly planning and saving for the van and building materials.

Used to go camping and caravanning holidays when I was a child with my parents so have some knowledge in the runnings and upkeep of a caravan / camper.

Have started an Instagram/site to document the whole journey to hopefully help anyone else. Also keen to use this forum to get hints and tips from current van lifers :blush:


What van do you plan on getting, and when do you expect it by?

Also, feel free to share your IG username :blush:


So let us follow you! What is your ID ?


Oh yeah Its instagram.com/trip2happy/

I’m looking at something mid to high roof and medium to long wheelbase… also want to have twin sliding doors so I can design my plumbing and electric to be accessable via a simple opening of the door also means if anything does start leaking it should ideally run straight out the door and not into the floor or my belongings :blush:

Make and model wise I like the Nissan primasta/Renault traffic and Vauxhall vivaro trio then if something goes wrong mechanically I should find parts quite easily. But then again a Ford Transit / Merc Sprinter as very common, im just put off by them because the transits are easy to steal and the sprinter is slightly more expensive.

And I don’t expect to have bought the van till way after summer.


Sounds like a pretty good idea, keep us updated on how it turns out, and maybe even post some tips and tricks or a guide about it when you do end up doing it. I’m sure it can help bring a lot of value to the community!


Yeah I had seen a few people had leaks and due to the location of some of the pipes, they had to rip out sections of there wood framework to access the problem. So I want mine to be all accessable quickly.

Was also looking at water recycling using the grey water like from shower and sink to flush toilet.
Think it would be easy to implement a filter before the grey water tank (and small pump depending on how expensive and lazy I want to be.)

Will definitely be keeping a log and might do videos of the build. Just need to keep saving just now. And there seems to be plenty of ideas and tips on here for me to use.


Sounds like you’ve got some awesome ideas for the van. I’ll follow you on IG, looking forward to seeing how it develops :grin:


Yes! Let us know when you get the van! Excited for you!



I have all the amenities, but no plumbing. I’m a cold weather camper, and plumbing can freeze. My water system doesn’t require power, I use trigger spray bottles for my dishpan sinks and cleaning chores, and a pump up weed sprayer for showers, and washing anything bigger than the spray bottles are good for. Everything works equally as well indoors or out, and without duplication.

My grey water is stored either in the storage tote that is my shower catch basin, or a 7 gallon jerry can, until it’s convenient to empty them down the drain at either a dump station or a DIY car wash.

My toilet is a bucket style one, so I don’t have black water, and the contents can be disposed of anywhere doggy doo can. No messy, smelly emptying of anything for me. Simplicity can have huge advantages, along with modular and portable designs. When space is limited, creative thinking, and no duplications, can really be helpful. Ease and cost of repairs/replacements, along with how easily replacements can be accomplished on the road, are also good things to consider.

Speaking of leaks, since my roof has no holes in it for ANYTHING, it never leaks either. Another pro tip is that a small 12v wet/dry shop vac is awesome in a camper if you have liquid spills or leaks.