Hey from Project.Amber

Just found out this forum was a thing! I’m glad to see a good old fashion forum going strong for us lot.
I’m C.J, I drive an ex-ambulance converted into a travelling home, Aptly named Amber.
She features a double pullout bed, logburner, kitchen and bathroom, and is styled a little differently from a lot of converted vans these days.
With existing polished aluminium cabinets and a slightly utilitarian design to everything, I decided to give it a more modern, lounge feel.
The truck has a lot of miles from it’s previous life but managed 8 months, 8 counties and 13,000 miles of adventuring, offroading and abuse.
I have just returned from 8 months of travelling Europe with my Sproker Spaniel Pup, Lance.

It’s back to the grind for me to earn so me cash for “Round 2” and make repairs to the truck, but I’m aiming to live in the van fulltime in the UK whilst I do.
So, I will be living the adventourous life vicariously through you on here and on Instagram for a while :laughing:.

All the best,


Welcome to the community C.J

Been seeing you guys on our Instagram recently! keep up the amazing content, and good luck on your adventures.

Greetings & Welcome!

Got Pics, or links to some?


Thanks man! Plenty more to come from the van revamp. :+1:

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My instagram is @Project.amber and YouTube is the same name too. :+1:

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