Hey Everyone new to the community looking for ideas

Introduce Yourself…

Hello everyone wanted to say hello, I’m new to the van/RV life I guess I guess I toss RV in as I don’t know how I would classify my rig. I was recently gifted a 1976 dodge B300 van with the RV HAB on the back. weird part is in looking for parts or modifying this rig I basically have to search under vans. Any who happy to find a place where I might be able to get the info that I am looking for. I’ll be posting kind of the project that I’m diving into and hope to gather as much info from this community as possible.

Greetings & Welcome!

Those vintage Dodge’s are awesome & super reliable. I’ve got over 500k trouble free miles on my 1973. Wouldn’t trade it for any of the new vans.


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