Hey dudes! I'm Tim


Hey guys…I’ve got a 2001 ford e 250 van I am outfitting as a camper…have a boat so really dig camping and boating life…thanks and cheers y’all.


So you’re living both vanlife and boat life?


Welcome! Tim, I had a 32’ Luhrs sportfisher I lived on for two years until I found that I liked the mobility of van life. Boats are great because of the waterfront property! But it was expensive to keep at a marina and have hauled out each winter. Then the marina wouldn’t allow us to stay on our boats when they were on the hard so that pushed me into van life. And I don’t regret it at all.
I had my kayak that I actually spent more time in the water with than I drove the boat. So now it’s on the van and I can get in the water just about anywhere I go. So I’m living the best of both worlds now!. What were you living in?


Hey Beeps… do you keep your kayak on the roof? Any comments on how high it is; wind impact; gas mileage; ease of getting the boat on or off the vehicle?


Feel free to also create a new topic about this. You’d probably get more replies that way


Yes I do. But it is a little bit of a high reach, I load and unload from the rear by using straps on the Tee grips. I built a roller guide at the back to keep it off the top and I get it over half way on while on the ground then I use my collapsible ladder to finish and strap it down. As far as gas economy I really don’t see much difference than without it.
I just can’t hit the drive through :yum: I am a bit tall.
And I also have to watch branches in the boondock’s. But if it’s too hairy I take it off and put it inside until I get set up in my location.


Thanks. This gives me hope.