Here's our recent build of our Honda Odyssey!


My partner and I just set off in our newly built Honda Odyssey, which is the second van that we’ve lived in, and I just finished up editing our youtube video of the tour/build of it. I thought I’d post that link, and add some additional photos here for anyone interested!
The build actually went super quickly for us! The main components that we added really only took two Saturdays to finish. Most of our time was honestly probably spent going back and forth to Home Depot for little things we forgot, or exchanging things because we got the wrong size/type. But that’s what’s awesome about having a small van, is that there’s really not toooo much that you can add. I think we kinda hit the max of different things to build in our van.

So, here’s the video! <—

and here’s some photos of the process:

Any questions about our build are totally welcome! Would love to help out anyone interested in the life, especially about converting a “mom van” because we totally love ours!


How did you guys hook up the sink?
and what are you using to power your lights?


The sink is just a hand pump, with two water containers underneath. One for fresh water, and one for grey water. We also have a one gallon propane tank underneath to power the connected stove. We also have a Carbon Monoxide alarm and a fire extinguisher just in case.
And we just bought a 6 pack of puck lights from amazon, which can be pushed on or off, or they can also be controlled by a remote, which is nice because we can dim them using the remote.


Love the nice simple build. Looks cozy :+1::ok_hand:


Thanks! We do love how cozy it is!