Help with self tapping screws

Hi - need some advice. Why are my self tapping screws not holding when trying to fit ply lining to my van conversion roof / ceiling ??? Could it be because I have foil wrapped the ribs of the van first?
Any thoughts

I don’t think the foil would matter much but I’ve never used it. Are you certain you got metal screws and not wood screws?

You need to be extra careful when putting your screws in as the metal is thin and you can easily over tighten them. This will strip out the threading so they’ll never get tight and will spin and spin. You may want to try tightening them by hand as well to avoid this.

If the screws are counter sunk you can also you a larger drill bit to make a small indent the same size as the head so the screw does not need to pull itself into the wood as well. This will make sure anything you lay over it is flush.

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I don’t trust self tapping screws to work in metal, so I always drill pilot holes. (smaller than the screw width)


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