Help! What would you prefer? High or Super High Roof Promaster (159' WB EXT)?

The video told me that a promaster is a good investment that won’t be as expensive as a Sprinter (repairs, etc). My boyfriend who will be in my van only for visiting is 6’3". While the van is not going to be designed specifically for him, would it be worth getting the super high roof? Or will it make my van more difficult to drive due to clearance issues?

I would not get the standard roof. Being able to stand up is nice and having room to stretch your arms is nice. Put the cabinets up there so they are outta your way and save space.

It will likely prevent you from going to the drive thru, but that’s a plus.


I got the Promaster 159 extended, high room. The super high roof looks too weird and agree with you too difficult to drive on some areas.