Help we are looking for 4x4 lifted van!

Hi everybody!! New to this… my boyfriend and I are looking for a 4x4 lifted van!! We are open to other vans but really would like a 4x4 lifted one… we are selling his amazing Aprilia motorcycle to get a Van!!
So we can live van life and travel!! We are up to trading his motorcycle or no more 9,000 for the van, if anybody had suggestions or other places to look for vans besides FB and CL that would be super helpful!! Thank you also here is pictures of his bike if anybody is interested for trading!

Greetings & Welcome!

I would think long and hard about that choice of vehicle. I’ve taken my stock 2wd vans to many gnarly places, and pulled many 4x4’s especially lifted ones, out of ditches or towed them back to civilization because they couldn’t be fixed easily in the boondocks.

Getting to where you want to go has a lot more to do with driving technique than type of vehicle. With a good tow strap, a come-along, and a ground anchor, I have never found myself in a predicament I couldn’t get myself out of.

Living in a vehicle is much different than going 4 wheeling. If it breaks, your house is broken, not to mention most likely your main mode or only mode of transportation. Simpler, less complicated vehicles tend to be more reliable.


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