Help on removing High Top Interior e-350

Hello all!!

I recently purchased an E-350 Super Dufy Extended High Top and am currently doing the demo. Unfortunately, I can not find a lot (any) info on others converting these vans and I am totally lost on how to remove the interior of the high top without damaging the integrity.

I have an after market AC unit that I already hady mechanic remove the compressor and replace the market belts under the hood. I’m expecting some hoses and wiring to have to track and tidy up as well, but other than the AC, I am worried about if the interior shell and exterior shell are connected? If there is ribbing underneath that will support the high top if I take interior out, and how to actually go about getting the interior out.

Any help would be very appreciated !!! I’ve done hours of searching without being able to find another van like mine being done.
Thank you!

Greetings & Welcome!


It is also best to keep the interior floor, walls, and ceiling intact. Gutting things is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Remove the seats, and move your new interior in. It will save you time & money, and the end result will be much better.

Add carpet, or removable, washable throw rugs. All this garbage about gutting one, and adding insulation etc. etc. is bogus. The promoters aree just after your money. Keep everything modular & portable, and just move it in and secure it. Don’t “Build” anything in.

You need good heating & cooling systems, not added insulation. You need a reliable power system without relying on solar or shore power. Your design should allow you to live comfortably with NO POWER. If no power means no heat, no refrigeration, no lights, no cooking, etc. YOU’RE IN TROUBLE! Power should be considered a luxury, not a necessity. You’re camping in a hard sided tent, not a luxury hotel or expensive house/apartment.

Solar & shore power should always come last, and never be relied upon. An extension core, outlet strip, and battery charger can and should be carried, but not relied upon unless used with a generator. Shore power can be difficult/impossible to find. You need to be self sufficient without solar or shore power.

I know many people who went expensive solar instead of a cheap generator and an isolator, and are now regretting that choice. Many haven’t seen the sun in a week or more due to clouds or smoke from wildfires, and now they’re out of power. All of your essentials should be fuel powered, with no need for shore or battery power. Of course with an isolator & and a generator, you should always have power, and be able to charge your batteries, BUT… WHAT IF YOUR POWER SYSTEM FAILS, WILL YOU BE PREPARED?!?!?!?!?

So many things to consider & be prepared for… Don’t forget a toilet & shower either!


"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid