Help! My fridge is so not cool!

Hi all, my wife and I are new to this campervan life but decided to take the plunge.
We bought a T4 which has been kitted out already and after a weekend away, noticed the fridge would try to run but would not cool anything. The fridge is a Demetic CRX50. The orange light flashes once and looking at the manual, it says we have insufficient voltage. The leasure battery is a Voyager VL 679 12V 110AH so iguess my question is, what is the best way of running the fridge so that it stays cold?
Thanks in advance

How is the battery being charged? Is it being sufficiently charged? Was it charged while you were on your trip? Maybe the orange light is correct?

Have you checked the voltage on your battery? Is the wiring that powers the fridge sufficiently large gauge, and are all connections tight and corrosion free? Check the voltage at the battery and the voltage at the connector near the fridge - it should be almost identical. That’s where I’d start.

Your battery should have about 12.8 volts a few hours after being charged. If it’s much below that after a full charge there may be a battery problem or charging problem.

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I would start by getting the battery load tested. Many auto parts stores & battery shops will do this for free. If the battery is fully charged and checks out okay, then we can eliminate it as the problem.

If the battery is okay, but undercharged, then your charging source(s) need to be examined.

If the battery is okay and fully charged, then the problem is either the wiring going to the fridge, or the fridge itself. A multi meter on the fridge end should tell you whether it’s the wiring or the fridge itself. If the fridge is receiving the power it should, then the fridge is bad. If it’s not, then it’s in the wiring.


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