Help in buying a van

Hi my name is Nicola ans nice to meet you all.
I want to buy a van but I am not really in the topic. I don’t know nothing about mechanics and things you have to know about it. I am gonna buy and use it in Australia for an year, maybe two, and then sell it when I’ll leave. We are gonna be 2 of us in it. I was wondering if please someone can tell me what are the things I have to check when I am buying it or, even better, if someone can give me some suggestions from facebook/gumtree. the budget is A$ 7000/8000
I live in gold coast but can go in Brisbane or around here to buy it.
thank you for your collaboration guys

Greetings & Welcome!

Your best bet is to either take a mechanic with you, or take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection on your test drive. It might cost $100, but could save you thousands in the near future.

You can also google “year make model problems” to see what problems other people have had with them.

Good Luck & keep us posted!


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