Help how much solar I need

Looking for some advice.
I have two 130ah batteries. I’m only running a compressor cooler 60w. 4 led spot lights 12w in total but very rarely on. Submersion pump 12w and tap not sure on draw of tap also rarely on.
My main appliance is fridge.
Can anyone advise me on what size solar I need to keep the battery’s toped up while running fridge

Greetings & Welcome!

I size solar according to the battery bank size. 3 watts of solar per 1 amp of battery. This formula has the best chance of success during the short days of winter.

So 2 x 130 amp batteries = 260 amps of battery. 260 x 3 = 780 watts of solar, combined with a 80 amp charge controller. While some might consider this overkill, long, dark, rainy or snowy weather is no joke, and a terrible time to be running low on power.


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