Help finding an electric drop-in stovetop

Greetings to everyone! My partially built out camper van came with a gas dropped-in stove, (dropped in the butcher block that is). It is ready to hook up but it needs the tank, and for safety, I would need to build one of those airtight vented boxes.

So, in short I have decided to go with a regular electric , I guess it’s called radiant heat, cooktop. Not an induction cooktop.

The hole for the stove top is 11” wide x 19 3/16” long. I’m trying to find an electric stove top that will fit right in there without having to modify the hole. I can spend up to about $200 if I have to.

Question 1. Does anyone know of a good brand that would fit my needs?

Question 2. Does anyone happen to have one that they would like to trade for my gas stove top?

They are on Amazon for around $250. Great for Shore Power, impractical for solar/inverter use. Specs at 1200W 10Amps AC for each burner. That’s A C Current if you try to run that with an inverter it is going to draw 100 Amps DC, 200 Amps for both burners. You are looking at a mega expensive inverter, battery, cable system. It will take your batteries down in a matter of minutes.
On another note Microwave Ovens: As an example, if you have a 600 watt output, what it would be advertised at. It would take 1200 watts to run it. When I run ours on a 2KW Pure Sine Wave Inverter w/ 2 group 31 AGMs. You can watch the voltmeter go into a really fast drop, more like a free fall. We use it for the least run times to reheat premade meals but not long term cooking unless we are on shore power or the generator. Small Mr. Coffee: 600W. That also makes the meter spin.

Thank you for the great information! I would just use the electric cooktop when I am on shore power. I will have a small single burner propane to use off grid.

I’m really just in the baby stages of learning solar. I can run puck lights, USB lights, charge my phone, tablet, etc. I have a nice hand-held car-type vacuum cleaner that plugs in to the solar and works quite well.

I have lots of questions about my solar power because I still don’t know exactly how it works.

Have a great day!

Your Welcome. You might want to consider and Induction Stovetop Reasonably priced and would be a whole lot safer.They also make the meter spin. It would lower the risk of accidental burns cooking on a small countertop and the risk of fire.
If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout, always glad to help. I used to do electronic/ electrical installations on the big Offshore Fishing Boats like you see on TV. Retired now.