Help connecting Maxxair Fan to Jackery

My husband and I want to buy a jackery 240 and use it to power our Maxxair Fan deluxe 5100k

But we’re struggling to figure out how to do that. The idea is that we’d connect the + and - wires of the fan to the + and - wires of a cigarette/car charger to power the fan.

What we’re lost about is whether this plan will work given the different gauged wires coming from the car charger and fan respectively.

The fan’s manual says this (which we’re confused by):

“The MAXXFAN requires a minimum 12 Volt DC, 5 amp service.”

Almost all of the car chargers say they’re “15A” and either male or female (which confuses us…how am I to know whether we need a male or female?).

So all we want to know is how to connect the negative and positive wires dangling from our Maxxair fan to our Jackery so the Jackery powers the fan. Any help would be appreciated!!


You need a male accessory plug, to plug into the female receptacle on the Jackery.

Use 14 gauge awg wires.

Polarity is important, be sure not to get the wires crossed.


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Thanks so much for your help.
So I can purchase this (see below), remove the female end, strip the wires on that end and the ends of the + and - wires coming from the fan and do a simple connection, + to + and - to -? Is that right?


That should work!


"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." ~ Unknown

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