Hello! Traveling with my 4Runner and my dog

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Hello! My dog, George, my 4Runner, and I are out to see the country one little chunk at a time. Biggest concern now is how do you take your dog with you and deal with the heat. What if you want to run into a sweet museum but its not dog friendly? Thanks in advance. Happy travels!


Most of us park in the shade, and if that isn’t enough we run a low power 12v swamp cooler. Mine will keep up even in direct sun, but I much prefer the shade.

Short of that, doggie daycare might be an option.

A third option might be to get your pooch classified as a service dog, then they’re allowed everywhere you are.


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Sometimes traveling with a dog means adjusting your schedule or planned events to keep them safe and happy.

We have taken our pup everywhere (she’s better traveled than most humans) for 7years, but that has also often meant saying no to some activities, either staying with her or taking her with us when it’s hot, etc.

Taking your dog along on the best adventure ever - awesome! Leaving them in a metal box while you visit an air conditioned museum - not cool.

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