Hello, newbie here

Introduce Yourself…

Name is Dan and I am working on getting my van built. I am a professional photographer and plan on taking photo excursions across this great country of ours. Living in the van. Currently sleeping in my truck on quick excursions. Have owned 4 vans during my lifetime and love the cargo capacity they have. I’ll post pics as my build progresses. Thanks for letting us join this community. Looking forward to meeting some of y’all on the road.


Can’t wait to follow the procedure with photos :slight_smile: and welcome to the forum!

What van are you converting?

What size/what type of van is it?

Nature photography or portrait photography?
I also have a passion for photography.

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You can create a new topic in the ‘my build’ category and document your build within that one topic. Would love to follow along!

Cruising around taking amazing photos sounds perfect :+1::ok_hand:

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