Hello! Looking for Electrical Answers

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My husband and I are building a micro camper in a Ram Promaster City! No matter how many videos and forums we watch and read we still feel in the dark about even the most basic of electrical stuff. I’ll be looking through previous posts to see if I can get answers to our most pressing question right now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Lot’s of knowledgeable people here, so I’m sure we can help.


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Shayna, try them! LOL
I was/am in the same boat with my electrical system, I asked a question, and BOOM! Some great feedback, quickly!
I know for me, I am more of a hands on type so I also have the help of an electrician friend of mine for in-person schooling. Maybe you could do the same or post on craigslist asking for a ‘consultation’ and pay/barter them a small fee.

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