Hello Italian nomad currently on a VW ‘89


Hey folks!

I’ve been nomadic for the last 3 years or so. After Italy (Bologna, go and try the food there, thank me later) I lived primarily in London, Sydney and Bali. Now I’m traveling in Europe (currently heading to Portugal) with my gf Lisa (now back home for some time) and our van Herbert instagram @herbert.thevan
Say hi and if you’re around south Spain/Portugal drop me a message!

Looking forward to get to know this community better


I’m hoping to be in Bologna in the next 6-9 months for work. I sell Ducati motorcycles and the Mecca for Ducati is there. I will message for good places to go when I get there.


I just started following you on IG.


Yeah man let me know when you’re there, I have a list of suggested places ready to be shared :slight_smile:
Thanks for the follow!

See you around!


Since you’ve been in the game a long time, do you mind sharing the best and most useful tips and tricks you learned along the way.

You can do so on a New Topic, and in a different category. Just to keep things organized. :blush::heart:


Oh, I’ve been nomadic, but just started on a van. Before that I was in London, Sydney and many places in between (south east Asia mainly).
Happy to answer any question


I will be heading down to Portugal and Southern Spain in July! I will follow you on IG and when I am there I will see where you are at :slight_smile: my IG is @gauthegoat


Hey! I’m also heading for south Spain/Portugal, I will probably get there sometime in July. If you’re there I’ll send you guys a message when I do. Btw @Gauthier_Tampere I also ride bmx, maybe we can catch a sesh! :call_me_hand:


May be in that area in my van in about September if you are about. I’ll drop you a message then


I’ll be back in Italy in July, but well, see you on the road somewhere sometime! IG is the best place to follow my movements and get in touch!


That’s cool man. Can’t wait to get out on the road with this thing.


I’m from Italy too and I’ll be soon on the road, straight to Spain and Portugal too! Ci si vede in giro spero!