Hello, I'm new!

Hello everyone! Some general stuff about me is that I love to knit, play video games, pet cats, make things to donate to charity, blog, and explore.
In highschool I had dreamed of living in a converted VW van, but I could never afford one. Currently living with the hubby and trying to save enough money for a boat. Not sure what make yet.
I’ve been to Germany, Scotland, and live in the US.!

Edited to add a picture of my cat because I talk about him a lot. (Hopefully I did it right)



I had the same dream all throughout high school, but realized it just isn’t feasible for me and the low income lifestyle I love to live. But I currently live out of a minivan, and I’d say it’s probabaly much better than living out of a VW. My Honda Odyssey might not give off the “free spirit vagabond” vibe, but I feel it’s much more freeing because I have more fanancial freedom.

Just a thought if you were still dreaming of living out of a van one day!

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Agree. I would love to but so expensive. My Toyota Hiace just looks like a painters van from the outside (when I am not carting my canoe around on the roof racks)

Blogging and knitting could actually help you support your nomadic lifestyle while your on the road if you do it right.
You can make really good money off blogging via google ads and affiliate marketing. The only challenge would be building traffic.
As for knitting, you could sell in your local areas while travelling and post them on sale online as well.

These are definitely things you should consider looking into.


The problem with that is that knitting takes so long everything is expensive. So if you can’t find that person who is willing to pay that price, then you have stuff that just sits around. I mostly do knitting to donate to charity. I have an Etsy shop and I need to make more fun and easy things to list on it. I also need to design more knitting pattern since that becomes passive money.

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Oh okay thank makes sense. But blogging is something you should definitely look into if you enjoy doing it.

Stupid dog people like me pay $$$ to keep our fur babies warm and stylish:-)


I have my blog linked in my profile if you want to check it out. I do really have fun writing it, even though I know I’m not the best writter.