Hello, I'm new and excited

Hi, my name is Sara. I have yet to obtain a van but once I do my friend and I will be traveling and living in it. I want to connect to and learn more about the community

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Greetings & Welcome!

Get your finances and how you’re going to support your travels figured out first, since that is one of the biggest failure points. Never quit your existing jobs or give up your living accomodations or possessions until you’ve tried out the lifestyle on weekends and vacations to make sure it’s actually what you think it is.

Most of what you read about van life is a far cry from reality. Most of the promoters are scam artists making a living off from newbies and convincing them to spend big money on stupid choices. Never gamble more than you’re willing to lose.

The devil’s in the details, you want a plan A, and several backup plans, and the money to execute them. Learning how to make money everywhere and anywhere is your best chance for success. Money can get you out of more problems than anything else. I keep an emergency fund large enough to replace my van, everything I own, and at leasst 6 months of living expenses. That’s my own personally financed insurance policy.

Get all your ID’s and mailing address set up while you still have a regular address. Make sure all your bills & correspondence will go to your new mailing address. Pick a mail drop that will forward your mail to wherever you might happen to be. Set up all your bills to either pay them online or with auto-pay, to cut the number of bills you’ll even get in the mail.

Make sure your vehicle is tip top driving condition. Breakdowns are the last thing you want. If you keep your interior modular, it can be rearranged until you find the optimal setup, and can also be easily transferred to a different vehicle if the need arises. You’ll also lose a whole lot less money on an older fully depreciated vehicle.

Good luck & keep us posted!


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller

You are welcome here and yes, it is very friendly and knowledge rich community. I hope you will learn a lot here :slightly_smiling_face: