Hello.....here's my introduction

Good morning! My name is Clare and I live full time in my 37 yr old air-cooled T25 ( or T3 for those in Europe)
I’m from the UK. I have owned my van for 5 years and although I’ve spent months at a time in the past living and travelling in her in March this year I went permanently full time.
I have just started a road trip to Scandinavia and am hoping to have at least 4 months before I need to head back to the UK.
My van ‘Flo’ is pretty basic. I have a portable solar panel to keep my lesiure battery topped up, but I’m fairly low maintenance in the power requirements area.
She has a two ring burner and grill, it’s amazing how well I eat since becoming a full time van dweller. I rarely eat meat, although I will, so I’m not vegetarian. However I tend to eat a more vegetarian diet when on roadtrips.
I have a cool box that I use to keep things fresh. Basic but simple.
As an older solo woman traveller I can only say I wish I’d done this years ago.
Have a great weekend.


Wgat type of cool box are you using?
is it dometic?

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I would love to get a Dometic electric/propane fridge. I just saw one in use in a Mercedes conversion and she loved it.

Yea a lot of people in the community love them. We plan on hitting them up for some sort of collab in the near future, so we can get you all some sort of deal or something.

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What is the price tag like for them? Also the fuel consumption? I have only ever ran my Engel off my batteries with solar. Sounds interesting.

Thanks for the post! I wanted to ask a question, but I found a related topic, would you please post your experiences there for more integrity? It is about how you financially support yourself … The topic is here: https://forum.projectvanlife.com/t/how-do-you-financially-support-your-nomadic-lifestyle-money-with-wings

Hi, it’s from a company called Icey-tek. I buy ice when I need it and have made a wire shelf to sit over the ice so contents don’t come into contact with water when it melts!
I will probably upgrade at some point, for now tho it does a job.


Will have to check out the website. Thanks for sharing :+1::ok_hand:

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