Hello from Yorkshire:)


I’m Izzy, based in North Yorkshire in the UK. A few months ago I bought a Peugeot Expert Tepee, and its been slow progress so far due to starting a new job that requires me to be out of the country for long periods. I figured I needed somewhere to crash in between, but paying rent on a house doesn’t make sense when I will be away half the year and want to travel in my time off!

The van was previously a disability vehicle, and there is currently only the drivers seat in the whole van (and some sound deadening!), as the passenger seats had to be taken out for wheelchair access (struggling to find new ones- I don’t know what will fit as there are very few for my exact van model, but more for very similar ones like Peugeot expert and Citroen Dispatch…advice would be greatly appreciated!). There are also multiple holes in the floor from where I took out the wheelchair equipment…which sounds more dramatic than it is!!

My patience is already being tested when telling people I’m converting a van, I have met far too many people who tell me what I should do straight away, rather than asking what my plan is, so I’m excited to get involved in a community of actual van people to pick brains and compare notes with!:slight_smile:

Hi Izzy. I’m on converting a smaller van around the size of a teepee. What are your ideas? You can use the holes in the floor for anchor points if you need them. Majority will be M10 or M12 bolts if you want to fill them too.

Hi Dan! I thought about using the holes for anchor points but decided against it apart from for the passenger seats (when I find them), I think I’m going to seal them with silicone and build over the top. In terms of general van ideas, I want to build one of those pull out beds that can be a sofa in the day on one side, and a sink and cupboard unit on the other. I think I’ve decided against a built in hob in favour of a camping cooker so that I can have the option of cooking outside. I’m also kind of considering having the van as a living space and getting a tent box, but the last idea is a bit more whacky and maybe a bit of a cop-out! Also, I really want midge nets. Not sure yet whether to put a vent in the roof. What about you? What model is your van, and what are you planning?:slight_smile:

If you’re going down the silicone route for the holes, use stuff called CT1. It’s a bit more pricey but it’s worth every penny. I’ve a Fiat Doblo Cargo. For the minute I’m building a bed box that I can store tools in (im a self employed plumber so need to store them when on the road) after that there’s over head cupboards for extra storage. I’ve got solar led lights that have an 8 hour battery and are decent. I’m putting a roof vent in as it gets pretty warm in summer and the condensation gets bad in winter. I’m also getting a solar power bank that I can charge through the day. Eventually I’ll be installing a spinney round passanger seat and I’ll put some sort of curtain up for the front windows. It’s all very exciting. Also North Yorkshire has some great over night spots. I’m only from a village near Darlington so I’m frequently down that way on my bike.

I think thats the stuff I have! I’ll check and look into it if not, thank you! Ahhh your lights/ battery/ power bank set up sounds interesting, I’m reading up about that at the moment. Do you have a solar panel or not then? Sorry if thats a dumb question. I’ve just bought a solar power bank charger from decathlon for hiking expeditions but I am yet to test it out…roof vent does seem like a good idea, especially in a small space. The Tepee has a sliding door on each side with a opening window, so I’m debating whether I can avoid cutting a hole in my roof! I’m also looking at spinny chairs! They look great for getting that bit more space, but I’m focusing on finding any chairs at the moment! Agreed about North Yorkshire, I live near Stokesley so also head out to the moors on my bike a lot

Yeah I use CT1 for everything. Bit pricey but is the best sealant for everything.

These are the lights I use -

Just charge them up on the dash board during the day. I’ve bought one of these too with the solar panel to go with it.


Ive been to stokesley a few times. Goto Guisborough forest on the bike quite often. Lovely place as well