Hello from Toronto/Markham

Introduce Yourself…

Hello!! I am a Vanlife enthusiast exploring traveling in a minivan and boondocking. I sleep in my Honda Odyssey no build , but in my own driveway. As a newcomer to Canada, I am hesitant to jump in and am looking for groups in Markham/Toronto area. Ideally weekend warriors and road trippers.
Also interested in investing in land to create dry campgrounds for Vanlifers.

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Hi from Toronto
I’ve traveled in my mod SUV a few times in Canada and in the US
Driveways are good for testing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’m planning my next trip. Most probably to the US again
Where have you gone? Ontario only?

Hello Chuss. I have slept in driveways only and once in a parking lot in Fenelon falls. Ready to do more.