Hello from St Louis

Greetings from St. Louis! Just purchased a van yesterday and am overwhelmed by what I don’t know. It’s an E350 super duty with an elevated roof. I think it had a wheel chair lift in it at one time. The van won’t operate with the back doors open as I’m hesitant to just start ripping out electrical. Any ideas where I can go to get information about this type of van?emphasized text

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Hi mloyd,
I have the same van: Ford E350, high-top, paratransport. Mine had the lift still installed and functional when I got it (lift operated out of two side doors). I had a local mechanic uninstall the lift but when he was done, he couldn’t shift the van into reverse to back out of the bay. Turns out there is a relay/sensor that thought the side doors were open and the transmission would lock out. This is a standard safety feature on these types of vans so it can’t be moved while the lift is deployed. He was able to disable this and the van shifts just fine now.
I strongly suggest to not attempt to do this yourself unless you are absolutely certain you know what your are doing. Get a professional.
Absolutely love my high-top. Such a fun, comfortable space to travel in.