Hello from Siberia

Greetings to all!
My name is Boris. I am from Russia, Irkutsk. We live with my wife and son outside the city in our house (a spontaneous decision in the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic). We travel around Buryatia, we go every summer to Lake Baikal.
For about 5 years we have owned a Nissan Elgrand E50 1999, 4x4, diesel QD32eti. Made lift + 8cm. installed wheels 235/70 p16.
There are plans to make a camper out of it.

Sorry for my English

Hi Boris! Post up some pics of your car, im interested.
Good luck!

Boris, Your English is fine. I know people in America who aren’t as fluent with the written English word as you are. Not to mention all those people from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. What language are they supposed to be speaking? And just so ya know. All Americans of a certain age who watched Saturday morning cartoons and the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show will automatically think of Boris Badenov. Good stuff. And good luck.