Hello from Ohio!

Hello from Central Ohio! The hubs are I are still in the planning and searching phase but Van Life is our retirement plan in a few years. We plan to roam, follow the weather and the van life get togethers, and be on multi state babysitting call for the grandkids.
My husband is tall and he likes naps :rofl: so I’m considering a high top Ford transit or an econline with a 30" raised roof added on and a fixed bed. He wants 4x4… although 4x4 weather is not the kind i want to follow. Stealth is important to us. Also, he’s a ford guy. We both hate Chrysler products. I’m open to anything but a dodge.
Experiences, ideas, suggestions all welcome!

Welcome Ohio!
Good you are thinking about it thoroughly, Getting the right vehicle for you is so important!
Love the on call babysitting haha!
Best of luck! You are on the right website because it is about the most comprehensive I’ve seen it there :wink:
I encourage you to seek out some of the courses available, especially the one for beginners. So much to consider before you get started! :slight_smile: