Hello From Greece VWT4

Hi there , Iā€™m kostas and i travel with my girl Alcestis from Greece :slight_smile: Happy to share information about our country and contribute to the forum!


Thats awesome!
Welcome to the forum. Interested in seeing what you have to share. :blush:

Wow! what a fantastic scene you captured in this photograph. It is real? I mean to say did you capture it?

Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
The photo is real but its not taken by me :slight_smile:

We had the van parked at a beach called aghios pavlos in Rethimnon Crete , an amazing beach with sand dunes were you can park on the hill over them with sea and sunset view. (The only minor difficulty there is the strong wind!). Just after the sunset a german guy came and asked to take photos . Turned out he is an amazing astrophotographer :slight_smile:

His instagram profile is dimitri nuss :wink:

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Fantasy world :heart_eyes:

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