Hello from Germany | VW LT 35 Firetruck conversion


Hi, to all Van builders!
I´m Dominic from the south of germany. I´m 20 years old and a month ago I bought a VW LT 35.

The next step is to build the interior of this 33 year old firetruck. Thanks to Fusion360, the best cad programm (not sponsored :wink: ) I´ve made a plan of the van.

Check out the plan on Fusion 360 (takes a little bit to load): (Sorry, I can´t put links as a new user :disappointed_relieved:)

I wanted to know what you think about this idea?

I wanted to public the plans of the woodstove after I build and approved, maybe improved the stove.

That´s it for now.
Oh… wait, I wanted to thank the admin of the Instagram page, I´m always looking forward to see a new vanbuild!


That’s awesome!

Never seen anyone convert a firetruck before. Make sure you share everything here


What I´ve done so far:

Removed the old stuff from the firetruck.

Cleaned the whole car, inside and outside (That was fun with the right equipment :heart_eyes:)
Installed seatbelts in the two front seats, for the german TÜV and changed the sparkplugs, because the engine was running terrible with one faulty cylinder.

Removed the rust, welded in some metal parts and used underseal under the car to protect it.
Furthermore the firetruck got a new tailpipe.

And at last I installed rain flaps to protect the undercarriage even more.
I almost forgot, that I´ve also cleaned the carburetor. (Feels like 10hp more :muscle:t4:)

Hope you enjoy this kind of detailed report.


Greetings & Welcome!

Looking good, and love the pictures!


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