Hello from France!

Hello everybody, here is Rosy from France.
I only recently got obsessed with van conversion and van life, and I did a lot of browsing and searching and reading … here a few initial conclusions and questions I would like to share, and hear from you!

  • this seems to be a fascinating world full of creative, innovative, free (in their own way) people, which have chosen a pretty interesting and alternative way of life (or just of weekending…). I wonder …is this something you can suddenly embrace at … 50-something? :slight_smile:
  • looks like most of you are in US or UK … is there a similar forum, or any similar community/network, for central EU van enthusiasts?
  • it really looks like the first thing to do is to rent a van and try. I would love to! However, I am also aware that if I hire “just any van” the experience would be different. I would really like one of this personalised, “homey” vans for this trial. But again … I drive on the left side, and I haven’t found any of such vans for hire close to me (again, generally central EU) …
    Looking forward to being inspired by all of you!

Yes, you should rent a van to see if you’re at all interested. We rented a van in New Zealand a few months ago (just before everything closed because of COVID-19), which got us thinking about using one for weekend and longer trips closer to home (we live in New Mexico). We just bought a larger American van (Ford E350) and are in the process of converting it just enough to use for camping and longer road trips.

I am a little confused about your post: you say that you’re in France, but you drive on the left side? I lived in the EU for several years and drove on the right side of the road - just like here in the USA.

I mean the driver seat is in the left-side of the van …

I thought that might be the case. For some reason many Americans think that the rest of the world drives on the left side of the road (Americans should travel more - might be good for them to see how the other 95% of the world lives!).