Hello from Florida

Hello, I just purchased my van. I will be traveling in it full time for the next year or two. I have so many ideas, looking forward to the advice on how I to make them work or if I need to adjust my plans for the van.

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@Soar Welcome!

Ask away…and looking forward to your ideas too!

All the best.

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Greetings & Welcome!

We’re here for any advice you need.


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1st piece of advice: Get out of Florida and stay away until closer to winter.

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I think people are way too harsh on Florida or other hot and maybe humid places. I’ve spent a lot of summers in these types of places, and with proper climate control my rig is the most comfortable place to work possible.

In these types of places, you just need to do whatever you need to do outside early in the morning, then retreat to somewhere cool when it starts to warm up.

Climate control is incredibly cheap, easy, and energy efficient if you quit listen to the right people. Swamp coolers & peltier powered heat pumps are work the best for nomads. Typical air conditioning, not so much, too inefficient, and too big an energy hog. My peltier heat pump only cost $99 at the big RV show in Quartzsite, and uses under 5 amps @ 12vdc. It’s good for heating/cooling at any temperature above about freezing. Below that, you’ll need additional heat. My swamp cooler probably cost about half that, and on high draws under 2 amps @ 12vdc.

I lived & worked outside in extreme temperatures for about 30 years, and there are tons of ways to stay warm/cool while doing so, and has been for many years. I’ve gotten off work, crawled into my 120°F+ van, and fallen comfortably asleep due to the cooling clothing I was wearing, and done the opposite in the freezing cold too. History holds an amazing amount of solutions suitable for nomads.

People have thrived in all weather conditions for thousands of years, since long before any modern conveniences, and those solutions still work today if we seek them out. Being to dependent on modern tech isn’t necessarily a good thing.


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