Hello from Europe

Hello, i’m Gio, obviously new here :wink:
I have a 1997 Ford Transit which Is been my home on and off for the past year.
I’m planning to go fully living in there, or at least to do it for some years, but I’m still fighting a bit with my fears as a solo traveler haha
Anyway I would love to meet (virtually and not) people that has similar lifestyle so here I am :slight_smile:

Two questions to start:

  • I’m from Europe and I will travel mostly here around. Is this community mostly for US travelers? look like…

  • I need to find a RELIABLE internet solution. I work as an online teacher and I do from 3 to 7hrs a day of videocall. So far I figured out I can take a hotspot + signal booster (I don’t want to rely on public Wifi!)
    Any tips for not super expensive hotspot and signal booster? I found WeBoost but is almost 500$!!!
    And what about an international plan? I have check some of them but they are INCREDIBLE expensive. I thought was better to just buy a local SIM wherever I go but I discover that some Country have a very limited data plans (Albania gives hat most 15GB/month for a data plan!! Montenegro too.)

Any tips is very welcome!
And, very nice to meet all of you :smiley:

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Hey Gio, an UK user over here! Glad to welcome you to the forum

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Hey @AdrianAce if you know where vanlifer community that mostly travel/live in Europe usually meets, could you share it with me?
I used to be part of a nice facebook group but I decided to close most of my social network accounts so I don’t have it anymore.

Hello Gio, I have joined the forum also only a few days ago… will not be able to help you out with that… however, if you find something out just let me know. Would love to join those meetings as well