Hello from Deaf Guy

Hi, I’m JB Begue and I am so thrilled to have this kind of opportunity! I have nothing to start for the van life but of course, making a plan is better than nothing right? Anyways, I am Deaf and I use ASL (American Sign Language) as my primary language. I was wondering if any of you know that the Deaf community or ASL users join this platform?


welcome to the forum

Welcome! I remembered watching this lovely lady a few months back……

I hope this is helpful​:purple_heart: what a brave awesome journey you’re undertaking. If you have any interest In having your astrology chart read, it would be my pleasure :star: I’m a traveling professional astrologer…check out my work on YouTube @ joyfulastrology… Free of charge of course. If not, The best of luck to you!

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Belated welcome! Glad to have you on board! I’m sure you’ll find this community is open and welcoming! Diversity is a wonderful thing!

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Hello Guy! I’m new to PVL as well but I’ve already found many excellent resources in the courses and blogs, as well as this forum! Good luck with your plans!