Hello from Canada

New van owner - long term plans to hit the road in it but that will be a while as it needs some work first! Excited to be here!


Excited to have you here as well!

How does it feel starting the vanlife?
How long have you been wanting to do it?
What vehicle you got?

I have a 1982 Dodge camper van - needs some inside upgrades and I’ll mostly be using it for shorter trips (a month at most sort of thing) to start. I’ve been wanting to take the leap for a few years but needed to find the right van for me.


Looks like she’s in good condition! Have you decided on a name yet? :smile:

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Pretty good shape! Good enough to use as-is right now. No name yet, but it’ll come soon I’m sure!

I’m sure it will!
Will you be posting about your journey online? Would love to follow your story :blush:

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This summer will mostly be short trips, but I’ll think about posting online somewhere!

Instagram, or this Forum is the way to go.

You can even share your story right here on our website

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I love the colors of your van! I would also love to follow your story if you are posting online, I love travel blogs/vlogs. :purple_heart:


Hello Canada. America loves you, no matter what the media says…

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Thanks! I do post on Instagram but it’s a mix of my real life and travel and everything else haha.


Your van looks sweet. Just needs some TLC and it will be looking vintage and sweet :+1::ok_hand:

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The inside is pretty good actually - just needs some modernizing for the most part! This will be a good ‘before’ example!


If that’s the before, i can’t wait to see the after :heart_eyes: