Hello from California!


My name is Anouk, I am from France but lives in the Bay Area. I’m currently going back to school so I am a weekend warrior and every time I have some vacations I take my 1990 Chevy G20 on road trips and climbing trips! I am almost done with the conversion (doing it by myself with the help of some awesome friends) and planning on moving in the van full time in July and I absolutely cannot wait!
Happy travels to all of you!


Van looks awesome. Love a bit of climbing. Do you do much bouldering as well?

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Thank you so much! Yes I boulder as well but mostly ropes! Just got back from my first multi-pitch climb in Yosemite National Park! What type of climbing do you prefer?


Sounds awesome. I like bouldering. Not very good at it compared to some people. I like that it is a personal challenge between you and the rock though. :ok_hand::+1: wish I could get out more than I do atm.


Honestly never even been climbing, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!


Road trips ARE climbing trips! At least that’s how it is for my partner and I! We definitely love to hit all the climbing we can while traveling! Happy to see others doing the same!



If you end up in the Bay Area, swing by and say hi.

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