Hello from Australia

** …just a short intro today. Have just joined the forum and will start reading and following.**

My name is Peter and I am over 70 now, have been camping since 7 yrs old. Still a fan of walking and hiking and Wanderlust. My camping experience started in Germany and Europa, the RSA and Namibia and last not least Australia. Now in QLD where I will start my VANLIFE soon … more to come, but you may wish to find my BLOGs via Wordpress, where I am posting regularly in English and German about my background and travelling. At the moment I enjoy my life at the Gold Coast and my Hinterland Trips are either by car for 1 day or a longer weekend by 4WD and a Golf Caravan. Simple and easy … went by BMW as well. My preferred trips are train and pushbike or by air and hiking. With best wishes to all of you out there @peblogger

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You will find me via Username and Twitter, best yours @peblogger

Hey @peblogger, another newb here. So, I guess since I’ve spotted this post I should tell you welcome.

I’ve not ever joined a forum before. I think these folks are pretty helpful and informative. A very good place to visit.

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Greetings & Welcome!

We’ll be looking forward to your participation here.


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