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Hi My name is Garius. I just bought a Sprinter 144 wheel base Cargo Van and I excited about building it out. I’m just starting this month with the Van Life Academy. I been watching youtube build videos for about a year. I started by watching Chrome. He was very helpful. My build will have a bed, garage, galley, toilet and a digital piano area. I’m a touring musician so being able to practice some in the van is essential.

Im most confused about insulation…Lots of different opinions. So far the build design has a swivel seat on the passenger side. A simple bed using IKEA Skorva Center supports, using slats and a trifold mattress. Ive orderer a 35 gallon water tank that goes over the passenger wheel well. A grey water tank that goes under the driver side. A Chinese heater under the passenger seat running off the diesel tank. A BougeRV fridge. An ECO Flow Delta 2 Max solar generator with an additional battery. That gives me a total of 4096 amp hours. I have a microwave and an IKEA induction stove top. I purchased the DIY shelf for above the front cab. I havent fully figured out my galley yet. It will have a sink and a food prep area.

I have not purchased my solar panels yet. Im thinking about these.
200 Watt CIGS Thin-Film Solar Panel – BougeRV im also considering a Maxx Air fan and a Dometic RTX 2000 air conditioner.

Well thats pretty geeky to talk about all this but it is exciting. The first thing being done in my van is the heater under the passenger seat. Probably in the next week.

Thanks and I wish everyone much happiness on their rigs.

Greetings & Welcome!

You will want a backup heat source that doesn’t require power. Insulation is highly debated, but my solution is instead of added insulation to just have enough heating/cooling to work anyway. However, I do passenger vans with factory finished floors, walls, & ceilings. In a cargo van, much insulation is highly recommended.

You’ll want regular rigid solar panels because the flexible ones don’t hold up well. You’ll want at last 1,000 watts of solar, as well as a DC-DC charger to charge while driving, and I’d highly recommend a generator and a battery charger for a backup plan.


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Thank you for that very helpful response! I will definately get a backup heater source! TY

I used Havelock Wool Insulation and it has been amazing. Non toxic, easy to install and smells good too!

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