Hello, from a Canadian abroad

Hello Friends!
I’m Amelia, 19, Canadian, currently living nomadically with a backpack in Europe. I’m very much in the dreamers stage of van life although its been my serious plan to start that journey for just over a year now. This past year I’ve been in a 6 month college program in England and have spent a rough total of 3 months backpacking around mainland Europe in two stints (Winter and Spring). Soon enough its back to the west coast of British Columbia to hopefully start looking to buy a van/bus to make into my home on wheels. For now I’ll just stick with my dream boards and floor plans.
Can’t wait to see all the adventures that will be shared and to hopefully share my own as well.
:heart: Amelia R


Good luck with your dreams and desires!
Hopefully they will become a reality :heart:

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