Hello Everyone! We're pumped to be here! - Intros


Hi there!

We are Haley and Jamie living in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’ve recently (last year) acquired a 1990 Westfalia Syncro and we are PUMPED UP!

We are outdoor adventure travel enthusiasts (Surprise! Surprise!) seeking balanced lives. We live in the city where our family, friends and work are, but we always create time for multi-day van trips on and around weekends.

The Vanlife has gripped our souls and we are continually pushing the work life balance to embrace a more simple, carefree, city free, work reduced life style. We have a ways to go and many goals in mind so we are excited to have joined this forum to learn, experience, chat, and meet up with the veterans who’ve made this lifestyle so attractive to us!

We sometimes feel alone up here in Vancouver as far as Van Dwellers go - we are trying to meet more like minded folks, but it’s tough! Please reach out to chat and meet up if you’re ever in the area or close by!

We’re planning a month long trip from Vancouver, BC to Utah this coming September/October 2019 so we hope to reach out for tips and maybe even meet up with some of you in the area then!

Check out our instagrams if you’re into that to get a better idea of us!
@wanderbrewbc @wanderfullife @stewbrewbc

Thanks Everyone!
Haley & Jamie


Greetings & Welcome!

Lots of vandwellers in Vancouver…

For most people, part timing is a far better choice than fulltiming. While the idea of working less and playing more might sound good, that’s more fantasy than reality. Life isn’t free, and money makes life better. The easiest and most reliable way to make money, is just plain old work, aka a job.

The better news is it’s never too soon to start exploring how to make money online in your spare time. Some people parlay that into a bigger income than their regular job. The beauty of it is that you risk very little except your time. Your future’s worth it, and in today’s economy where jobs aren’t as stable as they once were, multiple streams of income is always a good idea.

Accomplishing our goals with as little risk as possible is always a wise choice.

We’ll look forward to following your adventures.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller


We appreciate the wise words and insight!

Being new to this we are just unravelling the community here in Vancouver, but we’re excited to do so. If you know anyone specifically feel free to send us their email or contact cause we’d love to start creating a circle of vandweller friends up here!

Would appreciate chatting more! Thanks!
Haley & Jamie



There’s a guy on Youtube that goes by “One Awesome Inch” in Vancouver. If you contact him he should be able to put you in touch with Vancouver vandweller group, and I think they have like monthly meetups.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller


That’s awesome! Thank you!