Hello everyone newbie in the house

Hello everyone,

I have been really thinking about doing the van life for many years. This was after the death of my grandmother. I think the only thing that is really stopping me is that I have 4 dogs. They are my family because I really don’t have any and really want to get it and live and not regret anything. I want to be able to meet great people and also to have new experiences. I have so many questions and I am not able to find the answers anywhere. I am really excited to be part of this group to read and learn more. Thank you in advance for all that read and reply.


Introduce Yourself…

Greetings & Welcome!

I wouldn’t suggest a van for your family of 5. Perhaps a larger motorhome or bus conversion.

Please keep in mind the climate control requirements to keep yourself & your family safe at all times. I’ve seen pets get their fur set on fire by heaters… Their health, happiness, & safety are in your hands, and mother nature can be ruthless, cruel, and unforgiving.


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Hi Logan,
Welcome! Ditto what Van_Dweller said. Having a little more space will keep everyone happy and safe.