Hello! Belgium newhie with a Vivaro ;)


Hello everyone,

I’m Dennis, I currently am a Vancation’er, based in Belgium. I’m a freelancer but try to travel as much as possible along with my lovely girlfriend.

I Travel with my self build multi purpose (workvan+ camper) Vivaro, called Gunther, named after the previous owner who was a painter.

currently did nothern Italy, Swiss, Normandy,…
On the bucketlist is curently Portugal and Scandinavia.

To finish off some pictures:

With kind regards and best wiches from Belgium <3



Looks like you’ve been to some beautiful places! And I love that you kept the painting decals on it, it gives it some great personality!


Belgium represent! I just bought myself a VW t3 westy! And I will be joining you all on the road as my first trip starts in July.


I’m curious to know, do those decals ever restrict you form stealth camping?

Also, what type of work do you do as a freelancer?


Do you mean the paintbrush paintart? never had any problem, just looks like a paintersvan from the outside !

I mainly work as a technician for multicamera anf as a lighting technician for Film/TV :slight_smile:


Do you mind also sharing about that on this topic:

We are planning on referring to it a lot in the future. Because “How do I make money living on the road” is a very commonly asked question


well I don’t make money on the road, I’m a freelancer wich give me some freedom in taking time off.

would love to find a way to make money on the road tho !


You could still share that on the topic.

I guess I worded my previous post incorrectly. But as you can see the title is "How do you financially support your nomadic lifestyle "