Hello, Belgium Newbie here


Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone, I’m a highschool student from Belgium and just did my very first built in a Citroën Berlingo. It’s not much, but enough for us to travel in. I like to go to the mountains, see beautiful cities and love nature (like everyone else here). I did one big trip this summer through Europe but like to go more north of Europe in the next couple of years


Yeah Belgium ! Northen Europe is on the list for us too…

Enjoy !


I think this is the first times I’ve seen a highschool student pull this off.
Great job, keep up the good work :+1:


Thanks man :grinning: that’s why I’m here, for some tips and to meet people with the same vision


Super awesome! I wish it’s something I would have done right out of highschool! Keep on adventuring!


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