Hello and Advice for Sprinter 4x4 170 Ext. camper options

Hi guys

I’m new here and just ordered a 2022 Sprinter 4x4 170 extended dually. I have a few questions if you guys don’t mind answering:

  1. I’m looking to be able to sleep 4 people. What’s the best design option you guys suggest? Ideally I’d like a modular style with a nice sitting/dinette area to eat and play board games on.

  2. I’ve got swivel seats coming in the front. I need it to be able to seat 4 adults as well with seat belts, but don’t want the passengers to have to sit really close to each other. Any options you can suggest?

  3. What’s the biggest fridge you’ve seen installed in these? I like to go boon docking for extended periods of time. With 4 people we need a big fridge.

  4. I like to take showers at night. What’s the biggest water tank that these can carry? Any other options to save water, like a filtration system?

  5. Diesel or electric stove top? Pros and cons.

  6. I like lots of natural light. Ideas for window placements.

Finally, I’m not very handy, so any really good reputable places you guys recommend who can do the conversion?

Many thanks

What’s the larg

Greetings & Welcome!

That’s a pretty tall order… Let’s start a bit more basic with exactly how many beds you need, and what size for each, then we can go from there.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein