Hello all you Vanlifers

Introduce Yourself…

Hai, living and working in the Netherlands.
My Van wil be ready soon, but I want to start traveling next November 2023 and tour around Europe first.
I find it hard to realise a income while on the way, but hope to think about something. I hope to get some more info and ideas on this forum.

Greetings & Welcome!

Work from home jobs, sometimes referred to as working remotely, can work well if you’ll have internet.

Many places also have day labor or temp agencies that can get you quick temporary work.


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Dag from Canada! My “Vader” was a Dutchman! I still have lots of family over there :wink:
Nice to meet you fellow VanLifer! I’m glad my Dutch last name means wanderer, so I am being true to my roots :smiley: