Hello all from Juneau


My name is Jerry. I live in Juneau, AK, and go by the name Lokichild everywhere online.

Couple of differences between me and your “standard” vanlifer: I don’t intend to quit my job or travel a lot. I work a great job, with great people, and Juneau doesn’t really have a road out, but I love it here anyway.

I just want to have a small mobile place to call home and a van seems like a perfect fit for that.

I did jump the gun a little last year and buy a van, it’s an older model (99 Dodge Ram 1500,) and it is built in, but after I tried it for a week, I have made the decision to tear out what’s there and start again. I have a plan to get the money for the project and have already started it.

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Greetings & Welcome!

Looking forward to some future updates, and maybe some before & after pictures.


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