Hello All! DFW vanlifers here

Introduce Yourself…

My name is Hunter and we are building a van conversion in North Dallas. Our goal is to live full time with the both of us and our one year old. We have a 2016 Ford Transit 350HD Extended High Roof Cargo Van, it’s a 5 cylinder diesel rocking at a cool 65K miles. I am overly excited to be in touch with you all as I will have toooons of questions.

See ya around,


Welcome to the forum!

Would love to see some pics of your rig. Feel free to share

Hi, Hunter! I’m so excited for you guys! That’s awesome! I live in the DFW area too and have been doing extensive research on vanlife for the past 11 months. I can’t wait to sell my house and get started on my van build. I’d love to see your van as you guys progress through the build. Wish I had a van already to be able to help you out with all the details. Best of luck on your new adventure!


I lived an hour east of Dallas (and worked in Mesquite) until I went fulltime in the van. I transferred to a desert area more amenable to van living; the humidity was deadly.

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Don’t sell your house or any of your belongings until you’re 100% sure that full timing is for you. Most people only last a couple months to a year, and their biggest regret is having gotten rid of everything. Vandwelling is only for a very tiny percentage of people, and most of the promoters are dishonest scam artists.

Newer vans depreciate rapidly, and it’s very typical to lose thee total cost of your conversion, plus depreciation. Factory conversions however hold their value very well. I always suggest going as cheap as possible the first time around, and older motorhomes should be considered too. Getting something move in ready can save you a ton of headaches, expenses, and hassles.

Never gamble more than you’re willing to lose.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller