Heating for van


I want to know the difference, from ones who used both.

Webasto or Truma.

In my camper, I have old Truma 5500 heating.

On minimal setting fuel consumption is very low. Even smaller, then in technical data. 27 liter bottle, with daily cooking, enough for 2 weeks.

In data for webasto, minimal consumption is 110g/h. But the same shown for Truma. So I wonder, which is better.

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While I can’t answer your exact question, let me tell you about my preferences…

My criteria for my essentials is that they don’t require any electricity or battery power, only fuel. For many years I’ve used wick type kerosene heaters & cookers which also run on diesel. Recently, I have switched to cooking oil, which is more slightly more expensive, but lasts longer, is more eco friendly, and available at nearly any grocery store.

Then I have a heat powered wood stove fan to place on them to circulate the heat, without requiring any other power source other than the heat from the heater.

I bought my current gallon of cooking oil at Walmart for $4.58 at the beginning of last month, and I still have nearly half a gallon left, and I’m using it for heating, cooking, refrigeration, and hot water, and I’m up here in the the frozen north of Minneapolis.

I can give you more details if you’d like, and almost everything I’m using is cheap & dependable.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein

Thanks for your answer. But unfortunately, my plan is for some kind of stealth van conversion.

So open fire and burning inside is not for me.

Also about power, Truma (old one) do not need much. Only to start one, and then it will run even without it, as long as you have gas


That may have been what I had in an old 1961 VW Westfalia. It was a stove/heater combo that I really liked. Mine didn’t use any electricity though, it was a manual push button start to light the pilot light.

Stealth is a myth, being a good neighbor is what actually works.

Almost everybody has open flames for cooking, and a very huge number use their stove for their heating as well. It works, and is far more adjustable than many of the heaters. If it uses a non pressurized liquid fuel, there are no dangers if it is accidentally extinguished.

Adequate ventilation is required with or without heat, and everybody should have a smoke/carbon monoxide detector anyway. Mine went off last week when a diesel pickup parked beside me and sat there idling in a parking lot.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein